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All the incense and aromatherapy products on this site are of the HIGHEST QUALITY.

Incense and Incense holders
Incense: Nitiraj Gold Select (Long burning)
Nitiraj Gold incense Name Description Price  

Calm the active mind by creating a peaceful atmosphere perfect for meditation with this soothing vanilla based incense.




The higher state of consciousness attained through meditation, let this inspiring incense bring you closer to achieving samadhi.

Sacred Sandal

A captivating pure sandlewood incense,use it to create your own sacred space for prayer, yoga or meditation.

Angel Cloud

This uplifting floral incense is delicately blended with frankincense to create a heavenly fragrance fit for an angel.


A soothing blend of vanilla, vetivert and sandlewood, this fragrance is sure to create the perfect atmosphere to relax and unwind.

Celestial Rose

This delightful bouquet of roses is delicately blended with sandlewood to create a heavenly aroma.

Nitiraj Masterpiece
Nitiraj Masterpiece Ram

Sweet, exotic, floral. A wonderful blend of Rosewood, cinnamon and ylang ylang, dedicated to the ancient teracher Ram, preserver of Life.




This ancient blend of sandle and frankinscense is dedicated to Nanak honored in hearts and shines throughout India.


An earthy,lingering powerful blend of spices, rsins and woods for "Baba" (Great Being) a name both affectionate and respectful.


Inspired by Chandra, The Moon, we offer up this light and airy fragrance under her serene gaze


This sensous fragrance combines woods and spices in homage to Lord Ganesh who overcomes obstacles and brings good luck.




This blend of wood flowers and spices is created to honor the Goddess Laxmi who brings gifts of prosperity, good fortune and wisdom.

Nitiraj Original

Nitiraj original

Hand rolled in India from a 'Masala ' blend of natural oils, resins, gums, wood powders, aromatic herbs and spices



Nag Champa (Sai Baba)

Nag Champa


Sage Spirit (Smudge Set): Native American Incense
Sage smudge




Sage and Lavender



Sage and Sweetgrass



Sage and Cedar


Bamboo Wooden Incense Holder

Wooden Incense Holders







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