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All the incense and aromatherapy products on this site are of the HIGHEST QUALITY.

Aromatherapy (Includes: Essential oils, Carrier Oils, Large quantity and Speciality Oils)


Essential Oils

Unless otherwise stated all quantities are 10ml.


General Description
Aniseed Essential oil. Added to perfumes for a rich, sweet fragrance. Muscle ease, use diluted as a rub for digestive upsets.

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General Description

Basil Essential Oil. Used for gymnasts and athletic massage; the aroma is thought to give the mind strength and clarity. Invigorates body & spirit: helps refresh the mind allowing concentration, especially when tired - good after a stressful day. Useful in the car to help concentration on a journey.


General Description

Bay Essential Oil. Great to vapourise as antiseptic. Used extensively in mens fragrances. Hair rinse for dandruff, greasy lifeless hair. Muscle Ease

Bergamot (Bergapten Free)

General Description

Bergamot Essential Oil. Familiar to many as the flavouring in Earl grey tea. Freshens air. Use in vaporiser to disperse unpleasant odours. Good for combating cigarette smoke. Uplifts the spirit and emotions. Relaxes and refreshes and is good for confidence building. Extremely effective on blemished, oily and sensitive skin.  It can be used as calming oil for agitation & stressful situations. Useful when diluted as a massage for PMT.

Black Pepper

General Description

Black Pepper Essential Oil. Warming oil during the winter season. Used for pre-sports and dance as it helps to maintain suppleness


General Description

Cajeput Essential Oil.A winter warming oil, when massaged gives a warm sensation. Can be used in steam inhalation to help clear the nasal passages.  Good to diffuse into air (vaporise) to kill air-borne germs.Useful in athletic massage & after sports preparation.Good for foot preparations.Improves mood & increases resistance to infection.A good unwinding oil. Also helpful for treating oily skin & an itchy scalp.


Always use well diluted. An excellent warming oil during the winter season. Very nice when used as a steam inhalent (try adding a few drops of oil to hot water).

It can also be an effective Insect repellent, especially againbst flies and moths.



Often used in incense and room sprays. Good for stressful situations. Also useful for greasy skin, dandruff and greasy hair.

An astringent oil useful for protection and in caring for blemished or oily skin. Helps to combat cellulite. Repels mosquitoes, moths, woodworm, rats and mice.


Chamomile Maroc

This oil is good to use at night and when feeling low in spirits. Chemically and olfactorily different from German (Matricaria) and Roman Chamomile. Not to be confused with True Chamomile (Roman Or Matricaria).

You might find it useful as an antiseptic and in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema. 


Chamomile Roman

Chamomile Roman Essential Oil is a must for the first aid cabinet. It is well known for its strong soothing effect on mind and body. It is excellent for protecting dry skin and is a good hair tonic - especially for fair hair.

It's excellent for massage with children as it soothes and calms and can be useful for adults and children alike at night or in stressful situations.


Cinnamon (Leaf)

Cinnamon Essential Oil.

Cinnamon Leaf is antiviral, bactericidal, antioxidant and a stimulant.  It's a strong antiseptic and also has a cleansing effect.

Used as a comforting oil during the cold season. Cinnamon Leaf Oil makes a lovely room fragrance, especially during Christmas - Cinnamon, Clove and Orange Oils together make a lovely festive fragrance which will bring cheer to your home and your guests.



Citronella Essential Oil.

A lovely light, fresh and uplifting oil.

Useful as an insect repellent against ants, moths and fleas.

When mixed with Cedarwood Atlas and Bog Myrtle it has been a popular remedy against mosquitoes.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage Essential Oil.

Good for oily skin and hair.Useful in stressful conditions.

A great muscle relaxant for easing those aches and pains. Good in a massage for women suffering from PMT or during their period. Or you could try adding a few drops in your bath.


Clove (Bud)

Clove Essential Oil.

A fantastic winter warming oil. Try combining Clove, Orange and Cinnamon Oils for a lovely Christmas fragrance to make your home warm and enticing for guests. Simply add a couple of drops of each oil to warm water. Or why not try one of our Fragrancers or Ionisers available here.

Clove is an antiseptic and stimulating oil. It's also used as a mosquito repellent.

Only extracted from the bud, this oil should be diluted to less than 1% before being applied to the skin as necessary.













Geranium 25ml






Ho Wood




Lavender 25ml



Lemon Grass

Lemon Verbena



Marigold Tagetes










Rosemary 25ml




Sandalwood Mysore

Sandalwood Australian

Sandalwood Amyris


Tea Tree 25ml

Tea Tree



Ylang Ylang

Carrier Oils (All 100ml)

Sweet Almond


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Apricot Kernel


Peach Kernel


Macadamia Nut




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