Rose Quartz and Quartz Hearts Favours


Natural Gemstone Wedding Gifts
Hearts Favours

About Crystals


  • Ancient Symbols of Love
  • Natural Healing Energy
  • Created by Nature
  • Formed Over Millions of Years
  • Mythical Traditions & Customs

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" The service was so personal and my guests were all delighted with such beautiful and orginal favours. They really added to a sense of luxury on my special day"

Rachel Larks, Preston

" Our Female guests loved them and we received lots of lovely comments about what a lovely idea they were- especially since they are something that can be kept as a keepsake"

Audrey Whyte, Perth

"Its so common to just get plastic rubbish for favours. This really set us appart from all our friends and gave us a classy alternative. Everyone loved them!"

Gill Clive, Glasgow