Rose Quartz and Quartz Hearts Favours


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Hearts Favours




Please take note: all of the described 'properties' of the crystals and gemstones are to be found in currently published works.

Crystal Favours does not claim that these powers are repeatable for everyone. Individual receptivity is as important as the properties of the crystals themselves. As in traditional medicine, certain people are more receptive to particular treatments than others.

If the described properties are not experienced it could be due to individual receptivity or that a particular sample of the crystal or gemstone is not strong enough to work.
Crystal Favour bears no responsibility as to the effectiveness of individual crystals or gemstones.




" The service was so personal and my guests were all delighted with such beautiful and orginal favours. They really added to a sense of luxury on my special day"

Rachel Larks, Preston

" Our Female guests loved them and we received lots of lovely comments about what a lovely idea they were- especially since they are something that can be kept as a keepsake"

Audrey Whyte, Perth

"Its so common to just get plastic rubbish for favours. This really set us appart from all our friends and gave us a classy alternative. Everyone loved them!"

Gill Clive, Glasgow