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Fossils & Crystals

We have fossils individually in the Crystal and mineral sections. These are sets and starter sets of fosills.



fossils beginner

Beginners Fossil Set:

Set Includes

1 x Shell Fossil 15mm approx

1 x Sharks Tooth 15mm approx

1 x Perisphinctes 17mm approx

Price: £5.00

Fossil Set

**Save £5.00***



Found in the ocean these stones contain fossils of shells. Alleviates pain within the joints and skeletal system. Eases pressure within the joints, allowing a greater range of movement. Also helps with deformities of the bones, and heals broken bones.


These ancient marine molluscs were similar to the modern squid, octopus and nautiloids. They were creatures of the open tropical seas and are now abundant in lime stones from tropical reefs. These were perhaps the most agile and intelligent of the invertebrate carnivores, living in ocean waters of all depths.

The characteristic spiral was formed by partitions or chambers of the coiled shell where they lived. Once the ammonite grew too large for its living chamber, it formed a new one and moved into it. The empty chambers filled with gas to assist buoyancy at different depths in the oceans.

Ammonites became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Period some 65 million years ago after a 330 million year existence on earth.

Place in your home to bring wealth, health, vitality and happiness or at work to promote beneficial business dealings.


Otodus is an extinct mackerel shark which lived during the Paleocene and Eocene epochs, approximately 60 to 45 million years ago. It is estimated that this shark commonly reached lengths approaching 30 feet. Fossil teeth of Otodus are common fossils in Morocco where they are collected as a by product of phosphate mining operations.

Add a Jasper animal for £4.99!

Jasper Animals

Add a Jasper animal for £4.99

We have over 35 types of animals. Click here to add a Jasper animal. Pick from the list below:

Animals include: dogs, cats, rabbits, dinosaurs, owls, giraffe, bear, tortoise, spider, sharks, dolphins, kangaroos, butterfly, bird, duck, monkey, squirrels frogs.mouse, horse, cobra, pig, wolf, pengiun, fish, sea horse, scorpion,

Animal choice


Pictish warrirors used to place jasper into their armour and carve Jasper into animals for their children when they went off to battle. It was supposed to protect the child in their absence and keep them connected. It was also supposed to maintain this connection in the next realm.

Used as an amulet for protection.


ultimate fossils rough1

Ultimate Fossil and Natural Stone Set

Agate Ocho Geode 20-35mm

Lava stone 20-30mm

Desert Rose 20-30mm

Quartz Natural 30-40mm

Obsidian Arrow head 40mm approx

Sharks tooth 10-20mm

Perisphincites 10-20mm

Shell Fossil 10-20mm


Price: £19.99

Fossil Set

**Save £15.00 online***

ultimate fossil and rough2

Ultimate Fossil and Rough Rock Set 2

Agate Ocho Geode 20-35mm

Lava stone 20-30mm

Desert Rose 20-30mm

Amethyst Point 20-30mm

Rose Quartz Natural 20-30mm

Quartz Natural 30-40mm

Lavender Quartz Cluster 50mm aprox

Chiffon Citrine Cluster 50mm approx

Obsidian Arrow head 40mm approx

Sharks tooth 10-20mm

Perisphincites 10-20mm

Shell Fossil 10-20mm


Price: £32.99

Fossil Set

***Save £30 online *



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pendants simple

crystal beginners set polished



fertility set

lunar set

crystal chakra set

crystal set chakra basic

Wiccan crystal set

crystal set self care basic

Starter Grid Crystal

health and healing

Love Grid

protection grid

amethyst deluxe set

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